Smash Away Stress at NWA Smash Lab!

Hey Fayetteville! We are excited to introduce NWA Smash Lab, Fayetteville's first and only smash room. We provide a safe, fun environment for people to let off some steam and work out their frustrations in a healthy way. At NWA Smash Lab, you can break and smash items like bottles, glasses, plates, and other breakable objects. We provide all the tools you need, including bats, golf clubs, and sledge hammers. Our staff is always around to make sure everyone is having a safe and enjoyable experience, so you don't have to worry about anything. Come by and check us out - you won't regret it!


Solo Smash

Solo Smash

This package includes a tote full of items to smash with a maximum of 20 minutes of time in our smash room. You will have full access to our Weapon Wall and Smash-O Target along with barrels to stand your smashables on and chains to hang them from. SOLO PREMIUM SMASH Includes all of the above plus access to BB Gun Shooting, Bottle Bowling, and extra time.
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Group Smash

Group Smash

This package can accommodate up to 8 people and includes plenty of items to smash. Extended time in our smash room and full access to our Weapon Wall, Smash-O Target along with barrels to stand your smashables on and chains to hang them from. GROUP PREMIUM SMASH Includes all of the above with the addition of BB Guns and Bottle Bowling, and extra time. Grab some friends and book your smash session today. Great for team building activities. For larger groups, please contact us through email.

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General Pricing

1 person solo smash / 20 minutes......$35 + tax

1 person PREMIUM solo smash / 25 minutes......$45 + tax

2 person group smash / 25 minutes.....$35 + tax per person

2 person PREMIUM group smash / 35 minutes.....$45 + tax per person

3-5 person group smash / 30 minutes......$35 + tax per person

3-5 person PREMIUM group smash / 40 minutes......$45 + tax per person

6-9 person group smash / 45 minutes......$35 + tax per person

6-9 person PREMIUM group smash / 60 minutes ......$45 + tax per person

(BYOB) Bring your Own Breakables-you are allowed to bring your own things to smash during your session. Items must be approved by our staff and there will be a $25 charge.

PREMIUM smashes include use of BB Guns and Bottle Bowling.

Team building and special events-please call or email for special pricing.

Additional breakables and special items are available for purchase on site.

Important Information

Participants must arrive 5-10 minutes prior to scheduled session to confirm their waiver and get suited up. The amount of time listed on the package is the time you have to smash/break stuff in the room. Each session is booked in advance, Arriving late to your session will result in a shorter time in the smash room.

Walk-ins are allowed only if there is not a smash session already in progress or the time slot is booked. We encourage everyone to book online to secure your time slot and have the best experience.

Children under 14 are not allowed into the smash room without a parent or guardian accompanying them at ALL times. We do allow minors over age 14 into the smash room without a parent or guardian after a waiver has been signed by a parent or guardian over 18. That can be done online or in person.

Please note-when signing waivers online, all participating adults need to sign a separate waiver and confirm it in their email. 

All mobile/filming devices are welcome in the smash room at participant(s) own risk. NWA Smash Lab is NOT responsible for any damages to any devices.

Safety Rules

Safety is our top priority here at NWA Smash lab. You are overall responsible for your own safety, but we do have guidelines to follow. Before entering the smash room you must first sign our waiver. (Sign online at bottom of page) Do not enter the smash room if you are not physically capable of participating in the activities. No one under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be allowed in the smash room. Always wear appropriate gear when inside of the smash room. We provide lab coats, cut proof gloves and safety glasses, but we also require wearing long pants and closed toe shoes. Do not enter the smash room without PPE. No food or drinks inside the smash room. Absolutely no running or jumping. If you intentionally try to hurt someone or any of our property you will be asked to leave without refund. Please take turns throwing or hitting objects, the others should stand back to give enough swinging space. Do not directly smash walls or doors inside smash room. Smash items using our provided features or on the concrete floor. Once your time is up, please shake your lab coat to ensure all debris is off. Leave all your safety equipment and weapon inside the Smash Room for us to clean and collect.

Contact NWA Smash Lab

Got questions? Need Help? Feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to assist you with anything you need! Email us at [email protected] or call 479-313-6070.


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Gift Certificates Available Now

Smash sessions make great gifts for Birthdays, Graduations, Weddings, and Holidays. Or maybe you know someone who just needs to relieve a little stress. Give the gift of breaking stuff with no cleanup!

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